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Welcome to the Design Blog, written and published by the flooring and design consultant experts here in The Designer Showroom at Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings!
Here, we share our insights about how to incorporate the many beautiful products we carry into your designs. You'll find product information, design and decorating tips, how-to's and plenty of advice from our seasoned team of design consultant experts.
Read about the latest in flooring fashion and stay on the cutting edge of "what's new" in our world - it's our hope that by sharing the knowledge we've accumulated over the years that you'll be able to make the best and most informed decisions when choosing and installing products for your home.
If you'd like to get in touch with us for more info or to ask questions, we're never far away! You can call, send us a message, visit us in our showroom, or schedule an in-store design consultation!
Hosted By: Mrs. G’s and Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings
When: Thurs., February 26, 2015
Where: Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings
2750 Bus. Rte. 1 North, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Speakers: Darren Braunstein, Exec. VP and COO – Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings
Debbie Schaeffer, President – Mrs. G’s
Frank Yandrisevits, Cambria Quartz Countertops
Kim Carino, Tile Manger – Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings
Catered By: Mary Beth Madill, Executive Chef – Mrs. G’s
Photos By: Kevin Daino, Digital Marketing Manager – Mrs. G’s

Our 2015 Kitchen Trends Event was co-hosted with Mrs. G’s Appliance and TV and was held at Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings’ showroom in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. We are happy to announce we had over 70 industry partners attend, ranging from the Interior Design, Real Estate, Architectural, Building and Contractor fields. Guests were invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by Mrs. G’s Executive Chef, Mary Beth Madill, while hearing first-hand what the top trends in kitchen design are for 2015.

Worldwide Designer Showroom

Doors opened at 8:30 to allow ample time for guests to sign in, drop off their door prize ballots and enjoy fresh fruit, yogurt, pastries and Mary Beth’s Breakfast Turkey and Bean Chili topped with a fried egg, avocado & corn tortilla.
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom

Worldwide Designer Showroom

Darren Braunstein opened the event by welcoming all of our guests and spoke of how Worldwide is a third-generation, family-owned New Jersey business that is committed to offering their customers superb service, quality products and flawless professional installation. Before Mr. Braunstein introduced Debbie Schaeffer, President of Mrs. G's, he expressed what a perfect fit it is having Mrs. G's as a neighbor. Both businesses share the same commitments to our customers by offering the best products and service. Both serve the same customer base and both are family-owned. In-fact Mrs. G's has been serving the community for over 90 years.

Worldwide Designer Showroom

Debbie Schaeffer delivered a wonderfully informative presentation. Ms. Schaeffer shared with the audience how today’s kitchen designs are trending towards a clutter-free, sleek look with microwaves housed as a counter drawer, refrigerators appearing as part of the cabinetry with French doors. Ms. Schaeffer also discussed package options, how to add value to the home and products that will be available in the near future; such as, refrigerators that brew hot coffee and using your Smart Phone to watch a chicken roasting in your oven.
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Suzette Stoddard, Worldwide-Lawrenceville Designer Showroom Manager, took the floor after the conclusion of Ms. Schaeffer’s presentation to introduce our next guest speaker, Frank Yadrisevits, from Cambria Quartz Countertops. Mr. Yadrisevits’ stressed that Cambria is a company located here in the US and whose products are all manufactured domestically. They give their dealers excellent customer support and customer service. Mr Yadrisevits’ presentation helped our guests understand why a quartz countertop is a superior option which adds increased value to a home. The nonporous, natural anti-bacterial feature of quartz has helped it become an extremely popular countertop option. In addition to the stone patterns, Cambria now has solid color options available which lends itself to the sleek looking trends of 2015. Mr. Yadrisevits also informed our guests that Cambria now offers larger slabs to accommodate the big island cabinetry.
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom

Did you know?
- Cambria quartz products are more durable than granite
- Cambria surfaces are 93% pure quartz
- Granite typically only contains 40-60% quartz, along with more porous, weaker minerals. That is why granite is more susceptible to damage.
- Because Cambria is nonporous and nonabsorbent it won't draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria. It gives off zero emissions and no radon. There is no safer stone surface for food preparation.
- Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn't need periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning. There's no cost of up keep for Cambria once it's installed.
*Information is from published documents on Cambria website
(For more information about quartz countertops and our other tile product lines contact Kim Carino of Worldwide).

The questions proposed from our audience to both Debbie Schaeffer and Frank Yadrisevits were excellent and gave some good insight as to the challenges designers and realtors face daily.

Worldwide Designer Showroom

Kim Carino, Worldwide Tile Manager, then invited our guests to tour Worldwide’s expansive tile department to speak with Jeffrey Esteves of MSI, Megan Pellican of DalTile and Marc Ciccone of Cancos Tile and Stone. Worldwide carries extensive product lines from these fine manufactures, from traditional stone such as granite, marble and porcelain to glass and metal accents. Ms. Carino emphasized that consumers are trending toward more sleek designs for the kitchen and brought special attention to the sleek tile and backsplash options from MSI and the innovative tile flooring options from Daltile, including their beautiful wood plank facsimile tile.
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom

MSI Kitchen Design Examples:
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
DalTile Kitchen Design Examples:
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom

Cancos Kitchen Design Examples:
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
Debbie Schaeffer and Suzette Stoddard did the honors of selecting from the entry ballots the winner of a $500 Gift Card from Mrs. G’s and a $500 Gift Card from Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings. We are happy to announce Denise Rich of Cranbury Lane Interiors won the Mrs. G’s gift card and Donna Domenicali of Blue Heron Designs won the Worldwide gift card.
At the conclusion of our event, guests were invited to review the products Ms. Schaeffer described during her presentation at her temporary showroom located in the warehouse section of her new space.
Mrs. G’s new showroom space is still under construction with completion and grand opening scheduled to take place sometime in the Spring.
Worldwide Designer ShowroomWorldwide Designer Showroom
A special thank you goes out to Kevin Daino, Mrs. G’s Digital Marketing Manager, for sharing with us his photographs of the event.

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