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Shades, Blinds & Window Treatments at Worldwide

Worldwide Wholesale is proud to offer a diverse selection of exquisite window treatments from the top brands that you trust. Our selection of Hunter Douglas window shades, blinds, & curtains are sure to please! Window treatments are an important part of home d├ęcor. Adding just the right accent to your window can elevate any room from good to great.

Any room in your home could benefit from attractive window treatments. Kitchen curtains, bathroom blinds, bedroom shades all change the lighting and color profile of your most used rooms. It's important to implement shades and curtains wisely, as they can also help protect your flooring investments by shielding hardwood from harmful direct sunlight. This prevents any color changing and light damage.

Adding shades or blinds to large windows in your home can also help you save on your energy bill in the summer. Blocking out some of the heat during those oppressive summer days can afford your AC unit some much needed reprieve and cut down costs of cooling your warmest rooms in the home.

At Worldwide Wholesale, we have all the most popular types of window treatments:

Roman Shades: One big piece of luxurious fabric. Roman Shades are folded horizontally, allowing for vertical movement along a track. Roman shades are great for blocking light and adding a modern chic flair to frequently used rooms in your home. These alluring shades are perfect for bedrooms and family rooms.

Shutters are a timeless window treatment and suitable for almost any room in the home. They are most commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms for the unrivaled privacy they afford any room. Shutters come in a huge selection of styles, colors, & materials making them one of the most versatile window treatments you can get.

Wood blinds are the staple of the modern home design. Offering luxurious wood looks, maximum privacy, and superior aesthetics they are one of the best choices you can make when it comes to your windows. Any room can have blinds, but they feel most at home in modern bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.

Sheer shades allow the best of both worlds: Blocking light while preserving your view. When sheer shades are open, they allow for light diffusion into your room while not obstructing your outside view. When closed, the sheer fabric combined with the shades block out all incoming light. These shades are perfect for large windows or French doors.

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