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Choose between our 2 wood refinishing systems
and decide which is the best for you.

If you are looking to change the color of your floor, or if you floor is badly scratched or damaged, then REFINISH is the option for you. If you are simply looking for a fresh new coat of finish to brighten up worn, dulled out floors, then RESTORE is the way to go.

Wood refinishing.


The restore process replaces the finish of your floor, the main layer of protection.

Process: Floor is deep cleaned, rinsed, and prepped. A new coat of finish is then applied.

Benefit: This is the most cost effective way to rejuvenate your floors. No need to leave your home.

Time: Floors will be ready overnight.


The refinish process is a complete renovation to your floor.

Process: Floor is sanded down to the bare wood. A sealer or stain is applied, and then a new finish.

Benefit: Fixes major damage like deep scratches and gouges, discoloration, and fading. This process allows you to change the color of the wood. A great way to update the look of your floor.

Time: Floors will be ready in 2-4 days.

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