Kitchen storage features to consider.

Kitchen storage features to consider.

When remodeling your kitchen most homeowners not only want to update the look of their kitchen but would like to maximize the storage in their kitchen. Today there are many storage features that most likely were not available when your existing kitchen was designed.

There are multiple options for spices such as spice drawer inserts, wall cabinet shelving and the most popular are the pullout features that most cabinet lines offer. It is a space saving and convenient way to have all your spices and oils within your fingertips while cooking.

In years past the space within the blind corners of a cabinet were wasted. Today companies like rev-a shelf make space saving inserts that allows you to use all the space in the corners of your kitchen.

For homes that do not have individual pantries, most quality cabinet lines offer beautiful pantry cabinets with roll out shelves to make storage easy. You can keep small appliances, canned goods, and dried goods one compact space.

Trash pull outs are one of the most popular of storage solutions. You can keep your trash and recycling items out of sight from your kitchen leaving a clean and neat appearance.

Leaving countertops free of kitchen items is desired by most home owners. New solutions would be appliance garages, hidden knife blocks and mixer lifts. All great ways to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized.

Some other great storage solutions are charging drawers for all your devices, coffee stations, pots and pan dividers, and paper towel drawers. Be sure to have a list of the improvements you would like to make and always work with a knowledgeable kitchen designer.

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