What carpets are best for pets?

What carpets are best for pets?

When selecting the right carpet for a home with pets, there is a lot to consider. Carpet adds a warm cozy environment for your pets to rest and play but the size and habits of your pet may dictate the carpet style and fiber you choose.

Loop vs Cut Pile

A low cut pile carpet is a perfect construction for a home with pets. If you have a pet that scratches like a cat or a heavy dog that runs around on your carpet it would be best not to use looped pile carpet as their nails can get caught and pull and snag on the carpet. If that is not the habit of your pet, then a low pile loop should be fine.

Carpet Density

The denser the carpet the better the carpet will perform for pets as well as people. A dense piled carpet has more support of the fibers and can handle both paw and foot traffic.

Fiber Comparisons

Pet accidents happen and the cleanability of the fiber can make a big difference. Many fibers such as Nylon and polyester are treated with stain protectant in the manufacturing process and prove to be the easiest for cleaning pet accidents. Many fiber producers have actual warranties that protect you against pet stains. The most stain resistant fiber would be a solution dyed product as the color of the carpet in throughout the fiber making it nearly impossible to stain.

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