Why is the right installer important for stair runners?

Why is the right installer important for stair runners?

Choosing the perfect runner for your home is step one, making sure it is installed by an expert craftsman is step two and possibly the most important step.

When selecting your stair runner, there are endless options to choose from. Using broadloom to create your runner opens up an incredibly vast selection of colors and styles in both patterned and non- patterned looks. Broadloom also allows for you to choose the perfect width for your stairs and can also be continued into an upstairs hall.

An expert installer will cut the broadloom on site to ensure the perfect width, they will make sure the pattern is matched as meticulously as possible, and they will finish the edges on site. This can be a simple bound edge, a serged edge or even a wider fabric edge for a very custom look.

The experience and expertise of the installer is essential to making sure the finished result will be a staircase that you will love and enjoy for years to come.

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