Hardwood floors, what you need to know.

Hardwood floors, what you need to know.

Hardwood floors are the most luxurious hard surface option you can install in your home. It will last for the life of the home, and look even better as its gets older. A hardwood floor, however, does require the proper maintenance and care;

Humidity in your home should be kept between 35% and 65% throughout the year. This may require the installation of a humidifier for the heating season. If the air is too dry, the floor can shrink and cause gapping. If too moist, the planks can swell and cause lifting or cupping.

Hardwood will scratch, so protect it with chair and furniture pads to avoid scratching.

Standing water can cause damage, so make sure your plants have a dish under the pot to collect any water from drainage.

A little extra care will ensure your hardwood floor will stay beautiful for many years to come.

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