Wool carpeting defined.

Wool carpeting defined.

There are countless benefits to wool carpet. First and foremost, wool is a natural fiber and is often referred to as the “super fiber”.

Wool is not only the most durable fiber, it is also the softest, most insulating and most luxurious fiber. The small pores in the wool fiber absorb pollutants and allergens from the air creating a healthier indoor air environment.

Wool is a naturally resilient fiber that helps to resist crushing and matting. It is also inherently stain resistant so topical stain protection is unnecessary.

Wool is a sustainable fiber and much better for the planet. Because of its natural durability, wool carpet lasts up to 20 years longer than synthetic carpet, helping reduce the load on landfills.

Once you have enjoyed the luxury and benefits of a wool carpet, nothing else will ever compare and it will be sure to last and be enjoyed for many years to come.

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